regencyman.jpgThis wiki is about the Company of Rogues in the Regency Romance novels of Jo Beverley

The Company of Rogues formed at Harrow School in 1804, and the members' stories form the ten books which are the Rogue Chronicles. These books are best read in order, as there's a flowing storyline, but each is a complete romance novel written to be enjoyed in itself.

Along the way there have been novels about friends and relatives that are connected but not part of the Chronicles, so they take place in the Rogues' World -- that is my Regency England in which they exist and are therefore likely to be encountered and even involved, all being helpful and useful gentlemen, not to mention their ladies. The first book opened in 1814, and the most recent ends in late 1817.

There are sixteen novels and one novella in the Rogues' World, but only ten novels in the Rogue Chronicles. There's a list here.

There's a short video here.

I'm Jo Beverley and I use this wiki as one of the depositories of details about the Rogues' World, but it includes some false starts and oddities, so if you find people here who you've never heard of, don't think you've necessarily missed a book. Don't assume a book is even in the making.

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The Members of the Company of Rogues.dress1815twitched.jpg

All born 1789 or 1790
All arrived at Harrow School in 1803

Nicholas Delaney (An Arranged Marriage)
Lucien de Vaux, Marquess of Arden (An Unwilling Bride)
Leander Knollis, Lord Haybridge, later Earl of Charrington (Christmas Angel)
Francis, Viscount Middlethorpe (Forbidden)
Miles Cavanagh, heir to the Earl of Kilgoran, (Dangerous Joy)
Con Somerford, later Viscount Amleigh, (The Dragon's Bride)
Stephen Ball, baronet (Skylark)
Simon St. Bride (The Rogue's Return)
Lord Darius Debenham (To Rescue a Rogue)
Hal Beaumont (story woven through others)

Two Rogues died before the series began.
Captain Lord Roger Merryhew, army
Commander Allan Ingram, RN.